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3d printing materials

  • DIY 3D Printer Parts Mini V-Slot Gantry

    DIY 3D Printer Parts Mini V-Slot GantryThis Mini V Gantry Set makes building your project easy! You can use this Mini V Gantry to ride on any 20mm side of the V-Slot rail system.These Mini V Gantry Sets also work well with the Mini V Linear Actuator System to allow for quick assembly of limitless machine designs. Part Includes : 1x...

  • 3D Printer Parts Three Way Cube Corner Connector

    3D Printer Parts Three Way Cube Corner ConnectorWelcome to buy the high quality 3d printer parts three way cube corner connector with our professional manufacturers in China. We will offer you the most competitive price. Please be free to consult the quotation with us. Three Way Cube Corner Connector This 20mm Three Way cube corner Connector...

  • 3D Printer ABS Filament-1.75mm&3mm

    3D Printer ABS Filament-1.75mm&3mmABS 3d printer filament Details information: 1.ABS 3D printer filament is short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic. 2.Diameter: 1.75mm &3mm 3.Tolerance Roundness: ±0.05 4.Printing Temperature: ABS: 230 - 270° C PLA: 200 - 250° C 5.Advantage: High strength, good toughness, stable in...