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6 35mm Eccentric Spacers

  • Shim&Spacer

    Shim&SpacerPrecision shim,Precision Washer, Steel manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Shim&Spacer, flat washer, 1/4 Aluminum Spacers,1/4'' Eccentric Spacers for 3D printer,CNC machine,CNC Router and so on.

  • Custom 1/4 Eccentric Spacers for 3D Printer

    Custom 1/4 Eccentric Spacers for 3D PrinterEccentric Spacers are the perfect solution for allowing you to adjust your V Wheels onto V-Slot. The Eccentric Spacers comes with a divot on the outside which allows you to know at all times where the smallest part of the offset hole is.This comes in handy. Part Details: Material:303 stainless...

  • 8mm&10mm Precision Shim For V Wheel

    8mm&10mm Precision Shim For V WheelPrecision shim-8 & 10mm These stainless Steel shims (8*5.3*1mm thick)it can be used for spacing or other applications. And precision shims(10*5.3*1mm thick)are used as a spacer between the bearings in V-Slot Wheels, they can also be used as a shim elsewhere on your machine.

  • Custom Aluminum Spacers with Different Lengths for 3D Printer

    Custom Aluminum Spacers with Different Lengths for 3D PrinterThese high quality spacers come in handy for so many projects it is unbelievable. They are used on wheel assemblies, motor assemblies, plate stand offs, the list goes on. The OD is 10mm(8mm) which makes a very stable platform.The spacer has M5.3 ID to give a thicker wall to keep the screw snug...