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China Liner Bearing manufacturers

  • DIY 3D Printer R4-ZZ Bearing-Silver

    DIY 3D Printer R4-ZZ Bearing-SilverHigh Quality R4-ZZ Bearings ideal for DIY 3D Printers and other applications. Part Details : Chrome steel 6.35mm Bore 16mm OD 5mm Width

  • DIY 3D Printer 688Z Bearing-Silver

    DIY 3D Printer 688Z Bearing-SilverHigh Quality 688ZZ Bearings mostly used in conjunction with threaded rod mount plate and 8mm ACME Lead screw Part Details : Chrome steel 8mm Bore 16mm OD 5mm Width

  • 625 2RS Bearing 5 X 16 X 5mm for V Wheel

    625 2RS Bearing 5 X 16 X 5mm for V WheelThese are the bearings that are included with our v wheel kits for 3D printer. Widely used in transmission, instrumentation, electrical, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery etc. Part Details:...